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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Ava and I have been very busy for the last few weeks. I realized that we don't have very many Thanksgiving decorations, so I decided that we would make some this year.

This is the centerpiece that we made. Two paper bag turkeys and a thankful tree (Ava even helped me think of things to be thankful for)!

We used some old socks to make mini sock turkeys. Please excuse the non-traditional fall colors, but it's what Ava wanted.

I tried to think of some crafts that would be really easy for Ava to do. These paper leaves were just the thing. We printed them online and she helped me color them. Then we hung them up in the windows.

Mimi and Grampa sent a few crafts too! Ava really worked hard on this turkey door hanger.

As a matter of fact, she worked so hard that she tired herself out and had to lie down to complete it!

She was very excited about this and asked to hang it on her bedroom door.

They also sent some turkey hand puppets. Ava loved being able to "sew" these all by herself (well mostly by herself).

We even did a craft with the two girls that I babysit. I think these turkey placemats turned out super cute (and really what Thanksgiving would be complete without hand print turkeys).

 Here's a peek at our yummy meal (and yes I do cheat as much as possible while preparing this meal). On the menu: Turkey, Mashed Potato, Greenbean Casserole, Stuffing, and Crescent Rolls (I had planned on making Apple Crisp but was to tired of being in the kitchen so we are saving that for this weekend)!

Earlier this morning, Ava helped me make one of our desserts, Rice Crispy Turkeys! I thought that she would really like helping me with this but honestly she was more interested in eating all the candies!

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