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Monday, May 30, 2011


Guess what......

That's right, Ava's going to be a big sister! Baby #2's due date is 12-5-11.
I thought I would try to post one blog a month to document this pregnancy (and compare it to the last).
Since we have now officially entered the second trimester (as of 5-30-11) I thought this would be a good place to start.

Here are some pregnancy stats from my pregnancy with Ava and  this pregnancy

#1 Pregnancy: Ava
Due 1-20-09 Born 1-15-09
Starting weight: 140 lbs
Weight @ 6-8 wks: 132 lbs
Weight @ 11-12 wks: 133.9 lbs

#2 Pregnancy
Due Date: 12-05-11
Starting Weight: 115 lbs
Weight @ 6-8 wks: 111 lbs
Weight @ 11-12 wks: 113.4
Morning Sickness: Yes, from 6 wks-present. Although it is letting up a bit
Aversions: Everything, I am even gagging on my own tongue
Cravings: None really. Perhaps pizza
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I am using a belly band with some of my pants

Baby #2 first photo! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 5/21-5/24, 2011
We just got back from our first overnight trip since having Ava (that didn't involve spending the night with relatives or having surgeries)! Can you believe that! We decided that since we are pretty close to France, we would take a trip to Paris. 

Ava's favorite song right now is Hey Mickey by Toni Basil (although she thinks it is about Mickey Mouse). Sooooo, this was the entertainment that we got during our drive to Paris! Of course she had to change the lyrics a bit to include all of the clubhouse members :)

Ava told me that her two favorite things about this trip were the pool and all of the pigeons! Haha, we could have seen/done those things here. Go figure!

That's us by the way!

Ava rode a motorcycle!

We saw this interesting road sign and figured that it had to mean something really exciting like perhaps if you continue to drive down this road your car will burst into flames. Well, when I got home I googled it and it isn't very exciting at all. It means that if you are carrying flammables/explosives you can't be on this road and it suggests an alternate route. :( Blah, how boring!

Digging for gold :)

We stopped at a Rainforest Cafe (I know, so not French) for a volcano. This is what a toddler looks like after she helps eat one and is put into a chocolatey, sugar coma. 

We didn't go to Disney Paris but we did stay in a hotel very close to it. So, of course we got to see lots of Mickey stuff. Here are some glasses that Ava got. 

Bet you didn't realize that there is a white Jackson 5 (on stilts, no less)!

Some pictures of the Louvre

Some pictures of the Eiffel Tower

We realized that it is tricky to drag a two year old through the city (especially one without many public restrooms). So we thought that a boat tour down the Seine River would be a good way to comfortably see a lot of the sites. These are some of the pictures from the tour.

These are of Notre Dame (from the boat tour). We had planned on going there as well but sadly, we ran out of time.

And some other random pics.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saarbrucken Zoo

We spent this past Mother's Day at the Saarbrucken Zoo. It was the first German zoo that we have had the chance to visit. Lots of fun! :)
A few of the animals

 P.S. These monkeys were were not caged. That's right, they were running around free to fling poop and spread rabies! :P

A little snack
Please excuse the fact that my child is red! :P I am terrible at removing color cast and so I decided not to. What I really wanted you to see is that itty-bitty fork that Ava is using. Everyone serves fries with these little forks. I suppose that fries (or pommes) are not considered a finger food.

Elephant statue

Wiggly bridge!
I thought Ava would like this but it turns out she might have a mild (healthy) fear of heights. That is as far as we made it across. At that point she told me that she didn't like it and was all done! Haha, poor baby. This probably traumatized her for life. 

And this is what happens when your daddy drives around with the windows down.