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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saarbrucken Zoo

We spent this past Mother's Day at the Saarbrucken Zoo. It was the first German zoo that we have had the chance to visit. Lots of fun! :)
A few of the animals

 P.S. These monkeys were were not caged. That's right, they were running around free to fling poop and spread rabies! :P

A little snack
Please excuse the fact that my child is red! :P I am terrible at removing color cast and so I decided not to. What I really wanted you to see is that itty-bitty fork that Ava is using. Everyone serves fries with these little forks. I suppose that fries (or pommes) are not considered a finger food.

Elephant statue

Wiggly bridge!
I thought Ava would like this but it turns out she might have a mild (healthy) fear of heights. That is as far as we made it across. At that point she told me that she didn't like it and was all done! Haha, poor baby. This probably traumatized her for life. 

And this is what happens when your daddy drives around with the windows down.

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