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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby #2 Update

I haven't posted an update for quite some time now, so we are definitely due for one :P

Pregnant with Ava @ 36 weeks (I didn't take a pic of my Ava belly at 32 wks. This was the closest one I had)
Weight 151.2 lbs

We are now 34 weeks pregnant with Baby #2!
Since my last post, we have 
  • Decided on a name: Henry James
  • Gestational Diabetes: Positive, again :(
  • U/S @ 32 weeks: Baby weighed 6.5 lbs (that's 2.5 lbs more then he should) and he has hair!
  • C-Section scheduled: Nov 28th
  • My weight @ 34wks: 139 lbs (belly measuring approx 2 wks ahead)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze

On Monday we took a trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Ava had so much fun! She loved pumpkins last year and obviously she still does this year.

We started with a very bumpy tractor ride around the field.

We got to see some farm animals.

This goat was waiting at the top for someone to send a little cup of food up to him.

Next stop was a little play area with a big bouncy bubble and a tube swing.

We got to practice our rodeo skills.

We got to play in some corn.

Then we headed to the corn maze.

Yummy, Corn!

Cool shades

How tall are we?

Off to the pumpkin patch.

Time to hug a pumpkin. Pumpkins need love too!

Last stop was the playground

And the giant spider web!

Looks like Ava has a little goatee.

Ava got stuck so I came to rescue her but

Then I got stuck and Ava had to help mommy

And somewhere in the process we lost a shoe! :P

Our trip to the pumpkin patch is finished and we had a great time!