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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We decorated cookies for Santa. Plus, Ava got to try chocolate milk for the first time!


The best part of cookie decorating; sampling the goods!

 Ava's finished products


Check out daddy's focus face! :)

Just for you, Santa!
Ava preparing cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. She insisted that the carrots were standing up! :)

My attempt at catching a shot of Ava wearing her Santa hat! She liked the hat but wasn't in the mood for any more pics!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Prep

Here are a few of the crafts that Ava completed for Christmas:

Making Christmas Tree Chocolates:

Decorating the Tree:

Ava's Personal Tree:

Mickey Snowman Brownies:

The Big Man Himself, Santa (Ava refused to get on his lap, so this is as good as it gets):

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who wants to be my BFF?

I have had a lot of fun reading everyone's "Get to Know Me" lists and have been quite entertained by how crazy unique everyone out there in bloggy world is! :) 
I thought I would link up too!

1. I am definitely a cat person, but I keep winding up with dogs
2. I graduated from East TN State University. The same school that Kenny Chesney graduated from (different year of course)! I also went to High School with his current girlfriend, although she was a few grades under me.
3. I am a total germ-a-phobe! I wasn't always like this and I have no clue when/how this happened to me! If we are friends be prepared to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer 100 times a day

4. There is only one thing about my husband that drives me crazy. When he drives, he can't keep his hands off of his face (please re-read above statement regarding GERMS)! He touches his chin, eyes, nose, lips, etc nonstop while driving. I used to bring it to his attention and ask him to stop but realized that I just spent the entire trip nagging. So now I just sit in the passenger seat twitching, trying not to look at him, and repeating "I do love this man, I do love this man" over and over in my head. :P
5. I love the way my voice sounds in my head but hate the way it sounds on recordings. If you do manage to capture my voice, please don't replay it around me
6. I have NO inside voice. Sorry, just don't take me anywhere quite. As a side note, I do talk to myself. Way.to.much.
7. My husband is 4 years my junior! Yes, I am a cradle robber

8. I am just like my mom (and I'm Okay with that)
9. I LOVE my daughter and will talk about her nonstop
10. I sing all.of.the.time. I even make up songs to go along with things that I am doing/feeling. If you enjoy hearing random songs about crazy things then I'm your girl
11. Do NOT throw me off of my daily schedule/routine. I will get very cranky
12. I am addicted to cookies and I don't share very well. I eat cookies almost every night after my daughter goes to bed. You will have to lie, cheat, and steal if you want one (and only one)!
13. I love milk! But I won't drink it if there is anything in it (like chocolate, cookie crumbs, etc). I also, wont drink it if it's been poured in a cup and left uncovered in the fridge (I just feel like it absorbs all of the food smells out of the fridge) ICKY

14. I can't let the food on my plate touch. I also have to eat everything separately. For example: If I have a burger, fries, and corn I have to eat all of the burger before I move onto a different item. (Hmm, it appears I have a lot of food related oddities)

As you can see, I also love talking about myself! :) I could keep this list going, and going but I will spare you the torture! Go and enjoy some of the other lists, HERE!