Wishing my readers the one thing in life we all strive for...a happy heart

Meet the Family

Kerry (aka dada)
 Kerry and I got married in March 2008 after dating for what some would consider a short time. Soon after, we decided to start our family. Kerry is a great daddy. He loves playing with Ava and she absolutely adores him! He is active duty military, which means a lot of traveling for us. I really couldn't ask for more out of a husband. He may not be what I had imagined in those dreamy young girl fantasies of the past, but now all I can see is my future with him. I feel blessed to have him in my life!

Sarah (aka mama)
 In college, I majored in Elementary Education and went on to teach for a few years in North Carolina. When I learned that I was pregnant, all I wanted was the chance to be a stay at home mommy. I hope to continue doing so for as long as the budget will allow! Someday I will go back to teaching but for now I want to enjoy the simple pleasures of my life at home.

Ava (aka Princess)
Ava joined our family on Jan 15, 2009. She made me a mommy and there is no doubt that this child is our everything. Such a happy and joyful little girl full of energy and hugs. She loves coping mommy, petting animals, and eating cookies, but most of all she loves going down slides. Whee!

I adopted Lilly and Lola in March 2006.  Lilly is your typical rough around the edges cat. Most people believe that she is mean but I don't agree. Lilly is slow to warm up to you but when she does, she becomes a lap cat. Lilly is very playful. She really enjoys chasing milk tops across the floor!

Lola is a cuddler. She loves to sit next to us on the couch or curl up near us on the bed. She suffers from multiple kitty illness but she doesn't let the never ending trips to the vet or the daily meds get her down. She absolutely loves drinking milk. She will crawl all over you just to get a sip!

Sebastian and Flounder live in Ava's room. She has become obsessed with fish since she learned how to say fish using sign language. Sebastian is a very laid back and mellow fish. He can often be found hiding behind his plants.
RIP Aug 2010

Sebastian and Flounder are both Beta fish. They love to look at each other and puff up, ready for battle. Flounder is very active and curious. He is always swimming to the front of the bowl to see us whenever we are peeking in at him.

Lucy is our newest addition. She joined the family in August 2010. She is a very shy and quite girl. She has bouts of playfulness but mostly just wants sit on someones lap. She is very gentle and patient with Ava. She loves going on long walks and taking naps on the couch.