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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kaiserslatern Christmas Market

We visited the Kaiserslatern Christmas Market today. This is the first market that we have gone to this holiday season. Almost every town hosts there own market where you can find tons of food, holiday trinkets, and occasional entertainment. This particular one is rather small compared to some of the ones we will hopefully be visiting in the next few weeks. It was super cold out today so we didn't stay long, but I wanted to share a few shots from the day.

Most of the decorations and booths are over the top. This food vendor is a great example. The top part even spun around like a carousel.

They had an area set up with rides for the kiddos. As you can see, this ride is a regular carnival ride that has been decorated for the season.

When your downtown, you can always find people who are trying to make a little extra money. This living statue is just one man that we happened to see today.

Did you know that even Santa is a fan of bratwurst?!

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