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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kaiserslautern Gartenshau

Kerry had the pleasure of getting a 4 day weekend for Labor Day. Seems like that would be good news, right? Well it was except that now he has to catch up on a lot of work, so he went in today (for 12 hrs bummer). Ava and I decided not to waste the beautiful day stuck inside. We went down to the Kaiserslautern Gartenshau (aka Dino Park). We have visited this park one time before, but they have recently decorated it with a fall pumpkin, Noah's ark theme. Sounded interesting!

They have an exhibit area/room at the gardens. The themes rotate every week or two, so you always get to see something different. Now at this time, I still speak very little German and I read even less, so I have no clue what this exhibit was about. It appears that it could be ways to add flowers into your living space (indoor gardens are very popular here, they also help with air quality since there is little to no ventilation in houses). It doesn't matter, I thought they looked pretty so I am sharing them with you!

 Currently the biggest attraction at the park is the Noah's Ark themed arrangements! Very interesting idea!

 And of course, no playground is safe when there is a toddler around! If you are looking at these photos and asking yourself "Is that child eating in every one of these shots?", the answer is yes, yes she is! We were missing dinner (don't judge)! :)

 I got plenty of shots of Ava today! I just coudn't help it! I might be a little bias but I just think she is the most beautiful girl, ever! I was also playing around a little with the sun/light. I kind of like the way some of these ended up with a hazy look. It has a bit of a romantic quality.

 Mommy and Ava day! Hooray, so much fun!

 Oh, except that there was this creepy guy looking down at us!

 What mother-daughter day would be complete without a before dinner treat of ice-cream? Wondering why my child is looking so gloomy when she is about to bite into yummy goodness? Well I told her to freeze, and show mommy the ice-cream (for a photo of course)! By the way, I also had one of these Hello Kitty ice-creams. Not very delicious. As a matter of fact it tasted like I was licking a bar of soap, but at least Ava liked it!

 Now she can finally eat it!

And this was the end result! 
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday, too! 

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