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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hitscherhof Farm

We went to Hitscherhof farm today! I was worried that Ava wouldn't have much fun running through a bunch of corn but she absolutely loved it! Yeah, corn maze! 
 Lots and lots of CORN!!!

I have never noticed before, but this is what the roots on a stalk of corn look like. Interesting!
Ava started out in her stroller (that lasted all of 30 seconds)!
After that, she spent the rest of the time running through the corn maze! She loved pointing at all of the corn and running from us! I told her that she couldn't eat the ears of corn because they weren't cooked yet so every time she saw one she told me hot-hot (her word for oven/stove, she wanted me to cook it).
This was our view for most of the walk through the maze!
Ava liked touching the "corn's hair"!
They even had a flower garden where you could cut your own flowers!
So of course we had to cut a few!
They had pumpkins too! I am pretty sure that Ava would have taken every single one of them home if we had let her!
Even with all of the really cool stuff at the farm, what did my daughter want to play with the most......rocks (of course)!


  1. These shots make me so excited for fall. Have a great week!

  2. Wow those are some really great shots! Love them all! I agree this definatly makes me excited for fall!! My favorite time of the year!