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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Berglangenbach Farm Fest

I dragged the family out to the Berglangenbach Farm Fest today. Actually it was a nice little festival and everyone enjoyed it (that is after we drove in circles for an hour and were finally able to locate it)! 

There were over 100 venders present. I snaped a few shots of some of the craftsmen and their products.
Here are some people working hard on their craft!

And here are a few finished products

Check out the size of this bread! Bread (Brot) is one of the few things I can actually say in German!

And what farm festival would be complete without tractors?

I, personally, love a good craft festival, but I realize that others don't always share my passions. Knowing that, the real reason I chose this festival was for the farm animals! 
Here's a few now!

Look at the size of this rabbit! What are they feeding these critters? Could it be the really huge loaves of bread!

The main attraction, for Ava, was definitely the horses! She loved looking at all of them!

In fact she loved them so much that we decided to take a pony ride!

First, we watched the other kids ride the horses around the ring....
Then, we waited patiently in line....

When it was finally our turn, we raced over to the horses! Things were looking good! 

But when I picked Ava up to put her on the horse, she suddenly had a change of heart! She freaked out and the waterworks began. She clung to and clawed at me with superhuman strength.

So, instead, we decided to pet the nice horsey and exit the ring.

This was Ava's very favorite horse!

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