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Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July 2011

On July 2nd, there was a big 4th festival held on base (we also went to this last year). I was very excited for it this year since Ava is bigger now and was going to be allowed on the rides.

Ava and I started off our day by getting festive with painted nails and pretty outfits. 

We started off with a ride. This was probably a bad choice. As you can see by her face, she didn't care for this ride very much but she did what I asked (not stand up) and she didn't even cry (although she came pretty close). Luckily, she recovered quickly from this and I don't think we traumatized her (she even told me she like it a few minutes later).

We redeemed ourselves as parents by picking up a balloon from one of the many booths. Balloons fix everything

I talked Ava into getting her face painted (well I thought I did anyway). She decided that she wanted a cat face and I would get red, white, and blue stars. She got nervous once we sat down so I volunteered to go first. She said I should get a cat face like she was planning to do. So I did. Then she totally chickened out and didn't get hers done at all, so I had to walk around with a silly cat face for the rest of the night. She sure tricked me!

Ava loves riding on the ferris wheel so of course we had to go for a spin. There were also pony rides and I attempted to get her on one. She managed to sit on a pony and get strapped in before having a meltdown. Not bad, that's the most progress we have had so far with ponies. Maybe next time! :p

Then it was time for the main event, FIREWORKS! I was worried that the noise might scare her, but just like last year, she loved them!

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