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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today we took a trip to Saarbrucken. It's right on the border of Germany and France. Our nap schedule got messed up yesterday, so Ava was beat today and ended up sleeping the whole way there. She was very excited when we got out of the car. She ooohhh'd and aaawww'd at everything. 
Such a tourist! :)

The Alte Brucke  (Old Bridge)
I think this was Ava's favorite from the whole day. She kept yelling that she was walking on the blue bridge!


Ludwigskirche (Ludwig's Church)
One of the many beautiful churches around. They even still hold services here. Unfortunately for my photos they were having a market today so I couldn't get just a clean shot of the church.

But if there wasn't a market today, we wouldn't have seen these cute bunnies!

Schloss Wall (Castle Wall)

We had to take a lot of stairs to get to the top of the wall! I thought Ava was going to give up on us but she didn't! 

Here's the view from the top! You can see the Saar river from here.

Another church steeple and.....

A random (huge) tree stump!

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