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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Party Time

We had Ava's second birthday party today! We only invited three families (and one didn't show) so we didn't have a huge crowd, but we did have everyone Ava enjoys playing with! She spent the first 30 minutes running around in circles yelling "Me Party, Me Party". She loved all of the Mickey stuff! She also loved the bouncy house (after being to scared to go near it for an hour)! I did a few boo-boos though! :( For one thing, I was in such a rush that the only shot that I took of the top of Ava's cake turned out blurry, I forgot the video camera, and I totally forgot to put the cake on the super cool Mickey mouse cake stand! OMG! But even with all my little blunders, Ava still had a great time!

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